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Practice Areas

Estate Planning



Life is unpredictable.  The earlier you plan for the future, the more options you have.  You can ensure that your property passes according to your wishes; protect and provide for your loved ones; and preserve the dignity of your final days. 


Make these decisions now.


- wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advance directives, gift planning, donations, medicaid asset protection; strategies for subsequent marriage, step-families, partnerships





Administrative Procedure & Licensing

Have you gotten a license denial, a notice of sanction, a request for settlement, a demand letter, a notice of hearing or any other notification of action on your professional license?    Administrative law has multiple levels of appeal--I can protect and defend your rights at every one. 

I have unique experience with regard to medical professional licensing boards, In the past, I have specialilzed in licensing matters involving the Department of Health and Hospitals ("DHH"), Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners ("LSBME"), Louisiana State Board of Nursing ("LSBN"), Louisiana Board of Pharmacy, etc.


-license recovery, consent judgments, offers in compromise, and negotiated suspensions


Succession Resolution



When someone you care about has passed away, the process of closing their succession can be overwhelming.  The assistance of a knowledgeable attorney will alleviate some of the worry.  I will work with you to collect the neccessary information and will handle all the paperwork.  When conflict cannot be avoided, I will diligently pursue your goals with skill and integrity.


- administrating successions, representating executors/executrixes, obtaining judgment of possession, making appropriate legal challanges, defending heirs and other interested parties



Judicial Commitments & Interdictions


If your patient, or loved one, requires specialized treatment that they are unwilling to pursue, I will represent your interests.  I will coordinate with the Mental Health Advocacy Service to place the individual in the medically recommended environment with a minimum of conflict.



In the unfortunate event that it is necessary to gain control of your loved one's affairs due to disability or infirmity, we can petition the court to gain that control.  Limited interdiction may be tailored to address specific concerns where full interdiction is not necessary.

Business & Litigation



If you are interested in forming a business, adopting operating agreements or bylaws, negotiating a sale of your assets or your interest, or planning for the succession of your business, I can assist you.


If you are involved in a civil dispute, no matter which side you are on, I have the experience and the resources to represent you.  I can work with you from the early stages of contract review and the issuance of demand letters to the later stages of arbitration, trial, and appeal. 







Medicare & Medicaid Recoupment Defense

RAC audit?  ZPIC?  I have represented providers against Medicare and Medicaid recoupment at all levels of appeal with great success.  From the initial document request and demand letter to the ALJ level and beyond, I can advise you and defend you.  Contact me with your questions--I have the experience to answer them.

Private insurance companies are following the questionable example set by the federal and state programs.  There is a process to challenge claim denials and it is possible to win.



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